This is a picture of my sun kissed face. It is red with passion, with pleasure, with living. Real living. I went on an amazing adventure. Would you like to know what I learned? I learned what makes a woman beautiful.

Do you know what beauty is? They say it is in the eye of the beholder. It could be true. Do you know what people want to behold? Happiness. If I see happiness on your face then I know that it is possible for me too. Audry Hepburn said, “Happy girls are the prettiest.”

Do you know what is beautiful? What makes a woman beautiful is a genuine smile. What makes her captivating is happiness. What is the most intoxicating? Really additive? A woman who knows how to make herself happy. What makes her irresistable to everyone in the vacinity is when the energy of happiness is overflowing from her and pouring out onto them all.

Keep in mind I am speaking of sincere, deep, centered, happiness that comes from a place inside. A place of gratitude and appreciation for what is showing up. If you are drunk and sloppy that’s not internal joy and people know it, they can feel it. If you are faking it till you make it, WELL DONE! But that is still not the vibration and sensation of happiness that people can feel, that makes them attracted to you. That feeling makes them attracted to you and not just for a relationship or friendship but for business too. If you want to draw people to you effortlessly and pick who you want from everyone that shows up, then find the happy inside of you and let it beam out on others. You will never be lonely.

No need to search for love or a lover. If you can find the fountain of youth and happiness inside your soul and let it bubble out then you would need a stick to hold back the line of suitors waiting. Find love first in you, then you will find love for you from others.