Deanna HeadshotMy name is Deanna, but that is not who I am. I am passion. I am passion in many forms, I am artist, I am musician, I am lover. I am passionate. I care to make a positive difference. I am devoted to it and honestly when I think of Blissology and what it can do….. when I really think about it I cry with compassion and gratefulness that I have this gift to carry to the world. Couples need this gift, this tool. It works. When applied it works. When applied love happens, shift happens, gratitude happens, hearts open, connect and then share and more often in a physically passionate way.

I am not a phd or a doctor or a psychologist, I am a woman. I am a woman who needed this tool, needed this support. I am a woman who could be tamed from a frazzled rage or a hormonal freight train with this simple tool. I know many other women are like me carving out their way in this testosterone based work world. When we come together with our partners we might need help getting to our feminine especially when stumbling through and juggling family, finances, work, traffic, hormones and other daily hurdles. At first I thought that I was just weird because Blissology worked on me like I imagine ‘Exstacy’ might. But as I started testing the work I found that woman after woman after woman responded just like me and we all CRAVE this touch and it soothes us in a way that you might not be able to imagine. I started to study the how’s the why’s and ask every subject what it did for them and the answer was the same. I started asking doctors and began to understand the science and then the unimaginable power for love in this work.  Blissology works and I am devoted to sharing it with every man and partner to a woman that I can find. This is who I am, passion in action.

Why we are so excited about Blissology!

Thermal ScanHere is a thermography image taken before and then after a 3 minute blissology treatment. In the picture on the left the red color is indicating heat which can demonstrate where stess is being held in the body. Notice the higher temperature around the eyes and in the neck. Also, you will notice the sinus areas are pocketed and a bit constrained.

In the image on the right you see a significant reduction in red around the eyes and in the neck as well as the change in the sinuses.  They are open and the air is flowing much better.

Anything you can do to reduce stress chemistry in the body and mind can improve your health, your state of mind and improve how you relate with others.