I have had basically the same conversation with TWO different women just today. In each exchange these women were facing real struggles in their relationships.

It came down to this one question, “what do you really want?” I asked. Neither of them could really articulate it very clearly. I said, “Here’s the thing, if you can’t explain it clearly to me how can you expect anyone else to know how to give it to you?”

I went on to coach both of these women by asking them to commit to getting clear on what they want and then writing it down. At that point each can decide if, or when, they want to read it or share it with the other in their relationship. No matter what, being clear about what you want and being able to say it clearly has everything to do with whether or not you will get it.

What do you want?

Not what your friends or family want for you.

What do you want?

Want to be, want to do, want to go?

Seriously, life is short and getting shorter every year.

Let’s have a chat! No matter what you really want, I support you. (unless what you want is a partner in crime….I am not really any good at being an accomplice. 😉 Use me as your sounding board to get clear.

No matter what your goal, try this:

Get clear on your top 3, most important goals.

Write them down.

Improve your self talk – say nice things to yourself and about yourself inside your head.

Decide that you are worthy and deserve those good things in your life.

Picture what it feels like and looks like to have those goals come true.

Tip: It will feel like the next natural step when it happens.

Do the work on the inside to make sure when the outside joys show up you can see them.