I talk to SOOOOO many people on a regular basis who want love in their life, they want a partner, someone to share their life. I see and feel the craving these people have for connection, company, and warmth. I have been able to create that kind of satisfaction and connection in my own life and I remember all too clearly what it felt like to be alone. I believe that anyone who wants love should have that kind of joy. I am dedicated to helping others find their way to the love life they deserve. To that end I not only created and teach Blissology but also wrote a chapter in a co-authored book called ‘Secrets to Drama Free Love’.

Finding love or attracting it really has a great deal to do with the seeker. When you want to make a great Mexican dish it makes sense to get your ingredients from an authentic Mexican grocery. It also helps to make a list of what you will be needing. If you go to the Chineese grocery store you might not get the ingredients you need to make a great dish. The same is true with your love life. Do you know what you want to create? Are you going to the right market to get the ingredients? Have you failed at this dish before? Did you figure out what you did wrong the last time you created it? Look at your love life a bit like we do scientific exploration. What worked? What didn’t work? What can you do better? Do you believe you are capable of creating the dish you desire with the flavor you are looking for?

The answer is ‘Yes, you can have the love you desire. ‘ If I can do it then it can be done. If it can be done then you can do it too. I believe in love and in you. I don’t have to know you to know that you can create love in your life. Keeping it is up to you and the effort you put into yourself and your partner.

Check out my new book and connect with us today. How can we help you create real…..depthful….connection?

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